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Provisioning of Servers used to take days at one point of time. It gradually reduced to hours and now the provisioning is taking only minutes, if not seconds.
This is all happening due to Virtualization and creating a set of master images.
In VPS automation, a user clicks the site and selects the right VPS (for this various sliders for selecting no of Cores, RAM, Hard Disk Capacity etc ., choice of OS) will be provided and once the user selects the VPS, it will be provisioned within minutes.
VPS automation will be integrated with the billing system and also with the payment gateway system thereby enabling the user to select the payment of his/her choice like Debit Card/Credit Card etc.,
As this will be integrated with the billing system also, it will be very easy for the provider as bills will be generated accurately and will be sent automatically to the user. It saves lot of time and effort both for Provider and also for the user.
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We can give a Proof of Concept for this and also integrate to your existing billing systems Give us a call to know more about this.

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