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Success Stories:

  • Proxmox (KVM and Container Technology): Proxmox with innovative technology of combining KVM and Containers has been implemented to one of the oldest Paper Publication in Andhra Pradesh – Visaalandhra
  • RedHat Virtualization (RHEV) – again KVM technology has been implemented to a Company(company name confidential) –We have consolidated more than 40 Servers into 5 Servers
  • oVirt – Open Source KVM Technology is being tested by a big Indian giant. Consolidation of more than 65+ Servers into 8 Servers with Clustering including integration with multiple SAN boxes
  • VMware – has been implemented to many SME & Enterprise Customers
  • Xen Server – Xen Server has also been implemented to many SME & Enterprise Customers (All the Public Clouds are inn Xen Hyervisor including Amazon Web Services)
  • Docker : Latest Container Technology – We are capable of implementing Container Technologies like Docker & LxC

Our Clients