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Backup is very important for any Organization. There are many backup software that are present in the World and each of the software has their own advantages and disadvantages.One of the most important Backup programs is Bacula (

Bacula – The Open Source Network Backup Solution is undoubtedly the best backup program and there are number of Organizations who will vouch for Bacula.

The explanation on Wikipedia sums up neatly the benefits of Bacula

Bacula is an open source, enterprise level computer backup system for heterogeneous networks. It is designed to automate backup tasks that had often required intervention from a systems administrator or computer operator.

Bacula supports Linux, UNIX, Windows, and Mac OS X backup clients, and a range of professional backup devices including tape libraries. Administrators and operators can configure the system via a command line console, GUI or web interface; its back-end is a catalog of information stored by MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite.

Computer Port IT Solutions can deploy Bacula (very few Organizations in India can claim this)

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